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Love Ride 20 Run
Nov 20, 2003

By William Van Dyke

Man, like what a trip. I guess I should have kept notes but what hell, I sort of remember most of it and if I get it wrong Ya all can straighten me out later. Did Ya ever just need a few days away from everything? Has it ever come down that no matter what you did it was not quite right and other folks close to you seemed like they really had to think hard to come up with something nice to say about you and even then they had to almost lie? Or at least it seemed that way to you? Except for a couple of trips to the Monster Mile and a few benefits and funerals, I ain't hardly got out for the past three years  and here is Love Ride XX waving a big flag all the way from California. Yeah I wrote them a song ten years ago and put it on a recording for my friends, but the big shots weren't that impressed with it or to busy with other stuff or as one guy put it maybe they was just waiting for the right time to use it. Of course I use it all the time. Folks still receive it well although they really want me to be singing some dirty ditty with nasty notes in filthy form on sexy Saturday while I am thinking of them sweet gospel songs I wrote and want to sing on sacred Sunday, but I really like to sing so's I got to take what I can get, like whenever or whatever. I remember fondly when I was doing just that back in them rodeo daze, you know the trophy girl contest on Saturday and Christian Motor Cycle Association church service on Sunday morning. More than once they needed music and I new some old ones and of course the ones that I wrote seemed to help.  Ah, real heaven, taking a five week, 8000 mile, (yes I had to have my official H-D rain suit, finished wearing out two back tires and replaced the front that went flat in Arizona, but Southside Johnny's fixed that for me along with the oil change that I swapped him out of for one of my CD's at the Love Ride, back in LA) type trip is what I needed and man this ride worked! Southside Johnny has been coming to the Love Ride for 12 years and building some of the fastest and best looking bike's around Phoenix. He says he would like to become Ugly some day, I'd say he is moving in the right direction. Thank you Southside Johnny.
Now I am getting a little a head of my self here so lets get back to the  start of this trip. The Swapmeet Special was in pretty good shape cause I had a fresh motor. Bert and Bummer and Marvin saw to that cause after they used the double shovel and the rear motor turned loose of the sprocket shaft from the fly-wheel, they made it right by coming up with a new bottom-end with pistons. I put my fresh 114 cu in engine in the double and kept the fresh stocker for the road. I got to admit that it is probably the strongest stock displacement motor I ever had, especially with that trick ignition that I got from Charlie from Arlen Ness and that double coil from Roy that works at Micah McCloskey's. Well I guess nothing is really stock about it except the displacement as my EVO Bro's found out once we got to putten' around the valley a little bit. So like the bike isworking good and my back is like co-operating and the Hog Ridin' Fools MC is having their 25th birthday party and has done offered to pay for the gas and even come up with a few parts I need for the twin engine bike, well when my Brother Ugly Oliver asked me to come help out Love Ride XX and promised to help with the gas to get home, I like had to go…
Now the way the deal came down was that I was to EMCEE the pre-Love Ride party at BB King's Blues Club at Universal City Walk on Friday the 7th and then they was going to set up a small stage/PA for me in the trade show area, on the hill, for a
little pre ZZ Top entertainment near the food tents and the porta potties cause folks was doing a lot of standing around and needed some diversion I guess.  Of course now that I think about it, who really wants to laugh and dance and cheer when you got to pee or what ever might be going on in the necessity area of your privet life.
Now TC was the sound man at the BB King Club. I got there early cause I always do and went over the bio's and the print outs that Roland and Associates prepared for me. The show was suppose to start at 7:00 pm with the Mike Eldred Trio what had got stuck in traffic and Carlos Guitarlos and I filled in for a hour till they got there just doing acoustic blues from him and them old biker tunes from me. The place was filling up and they seemed to enjoy what Carlos and I were doing. The trio shows up  and got set up and did a short set. Then it was time to give away some door prizes, introduce some special guests and then talk a little about the Love Ride and other kool things going before Carlos Guitarlos came on with his seven piece kick-ass rocking R&B band with Marcy Levy.
Now the band was almost ready to start and I made some comment about supporting our troops over in the combat zone when Marcy Levy sort of elbows me and says, "You are not for the war are you?". So with out getting in to some endless debate on war or why our troops need our support regardless of why they are there, cause it's enough just being there to deserve support, I says, "That's why we
support 'Reading by Nine', let's educate our kids to the point that war becomes obsolete! In the mean time I ain't going to live on my knees". She smiled and the crowd applauded. Well then the band started and I mean kicked ass. Carlos is up for a Grammy for his song "Straight from the Heart", and that is the way they play. Marcy Levy re-broke my heart with her voice straight from Heaven. Next up was the
Three Bad Jacks, a rockabilly band from the fifties. They was good too. 
Well Sunday we went forward right to Castaic Lake and got there around 9:30 am. Parts was worried cause we didn't have any passes. I reminded him that we have been crashing parties successfully for a long time and they all really want us here anyway, and wasn't he the one on that Knucklehead chopper in all the rodeo videos. Like man they will recognize you or just flash your Ugly t-shirt. Well needless to say that the gate keepers knew both of us and loved Margie and waved us right on through. Security was tight, cops everywhere, but let's face it, them goddamn terrorists is out there and we got to keep our eyes open and our minds clear or the sons of bitches will try to take over the world. Now what fun would that be? Anyway we found my little stage, that we shared with famished bar-b-q eaters needing a table, like maybe Oliver will get some plastic tables and chairs there next year, got the sound dialed in, sang my songs for an hour along with H. Roy Matlen who played percussion on the sound wired Gibson guitar case. Rockin' Roll Roy put me and Margie up for a week in grand style at his home in West Hills in the Valley and of course comes by here to fish when he be in Florida. Thank You Roy MY Brother!
Well we went with the crowd when ZZ Top started and they blew us away again. What can I say but that was the best show ever at the Love Ride and I think Love Ride XX  was highest biker charity money maker for the Kids ever. Well Margie wants this to load up now so more to come on the trip home later... P.S. Special thanks to George Skinner at Cajun HD/Buell for coming up with that rear tire that got me the rest of the way home. They have a new shop/HD mall, right on I10, opening up come spring, maybe we'll get to see Willie G there then. Good Luck to Ya'all...

Hog Ridin' Fools MC ~ NOMAD ~ Tucson, Arizona

©2013 William Van Dyke
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